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Do Turo Rentals Get Covered by USAA Auto Insurance? Handling Peer-to-Peer Sharing Coverage The 

well-known peer-to-peer car rental marketplace Turo provides a practical means of renting cars straight from other people. But things can become a little complicated when it comes to insurance, particularly for USAA members who are thinking of renting a car or using Turo for personal purposes. This in-depth article investigates whether renters’ insurance from USAA covers Turo rentals and offers crucial details for hosts and renters on the site.

Comprehending Turo Rentals and USAA Coverage: Standard USAA Auto Insurance

Although USAA provides its members with good auto insurance coverage, it’s important to realize that regular policies are intended for personal use only. Thus, the following are probably covered by your USAA:

Driving your automobile to run errands and commute every day.

Periodically lending your vehicle to a friend or relative (with restrictions).

Turo Rentals: An Unlikely Match

Turo Rentals: An Unlikely Match

Turo is a business-focused platform for automobile sharing. The following are some reasons why Turo rentals might not qualify for basic USAA coverage:

Increased Risk: Because different drivers use your car frequently, there is a greater chance that it will sustain wear and tear from Turo rentals.

Commercial Use: Using Turo to rent a car is classified as commercial use, which is normally not covered by personal auto insurance.

Lack of Experience with Drivers: There is a greater chance of liability if you are unfamiliar with the driving record or abilities of Turo renters.

The Bottom Line: Regrettably, damage or liability resulting from a Turo rental is probably not covered by regular USAA auto insurance.

Options on Turo for USAA Members: For Tenants:

Turo Protection options: Turo provides renters with liability and collision coverage through a number of protection options. The cost of these add-on plans varies based on the degree of coverage that is selected.

Personal Insurance Coverage: To find out if peer-to-peer automobile rentals like Turo are covered by your personal policy, it’s imperative to speak with your USAA agent. Limited liability coverage may be extended by certain USAA plans; comprehensive and collision coverage are less common.

Regarding Auto Lenders (Hosts):

Regarding Auto Lenders (Hosts):

Commercial coverage is not provided by USAA: At this time, USAA does not provide commercial auto insurance tailored to work with peer-to-peer car sharing services like Turo. Turo Protection policies (Hosts): Turo provides liability and comprehensive coverage in the event that the vehicle is damaged or stolen while it is being rented, and these policies are especially made for lenders (hosts). These plans are also optional, and the price varies based on the degree of coverage selected.

Alternative Commercial Insurance: Hosts may want to look at getting commercial auto insurance from different companies that focus on covering peer-to-peer vehicle sharing.

Crucial Points to Remember:

Examine Turo Protection Plans: Before depending entirely on Turo’s protection plans, carefully consider their specifics, including coverage limitations, exclusions, and deductibles.

Updates to USAA Policy: Over time, USAA coverage options and policies may change. Keep abreast of any modifications to the policies governing peer-to-peer vehicle sharing.

Beyond USAA: Overall Advice for Users of Turo
Beyond USAA: Overall Advice for Users of Turo

Comprehensive Inspection of the Vehicle: Make sure to thoroughly inspect the car both before and after each rental, and record any damage with pictures and timestamps.

It’s All About Communication: Use Turo’s messaging tool to stay in clear contact with tenants. Talk about any queries or worries you may have about the rental agreement.

Recognize Your Boundaries: Recognize the restrictions of the USAA coverage (if any) or the Turo protection plan you have selected as a renter. Be ready to pay more out of pocket than what your insurance will allow.


Although Turo rentals are not currently covered by USAA auto insurance, renters and lenders have several other options. Members of USAA can explore Turo’s protection plans or commercial insurance choices, as well as the restrictions of personal automobile insurance, to better navigate the world of peer-to-peer car sharing with more peace of mind. Recall that having a clear grasp of your chosen coverage, doing comprehensive inspections, and communicating effectively are all essential for a safe and secure Turo experience.

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