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Unfortunately, Otto Pets, the firm that offered Otto pet insurance, has actually ceased operations as of September 2023, so I might not be able to provide you anything about it. A number of difficulties in the pet insurance business forced them to make the painful decision to close.

I can, however, give you some general knowledge on pet insurance as well as some different choices you might want to think about.

Pet insurance: what is it?

One kind of insurance that assists with the expense of your pet’s veterinarian care is pet insurance. In the event of an unforeseen illness or injury, it might provide a much-needed financial safety net. Plans for pet insurance come in a variety of forms, and their coverage, deductibles, and premiums might change.

What advantages does pet insurance offer?

The advantages of pet insurance are numerous. Among the most significant advantages are:

  • Comfort: Having pet insurance will ease your mind by guaranteeing that, in the event of an illness or accident, you will be able to afford to offer your pet the best treatment available. 
  • Financial security: Having pet insurance might save you from hefty, unforeseen medical expenses. 
  • Early diagnosis and treatment: Having pet insurance can help you take your pet to the vet early, which can result in an earlier diagnosis and treatment of diseases and wounds. 
  • Coverage for preventive care: A number of pet insurance policies include coverage for wellness checks and vaccines.

What factors should be taken into account while selecting a pet insurance plan?

The following elements should be taken into account when selecting a pet insurance plan:

The kind of coverage: A variety of pet insurance plans, including wellness, cancer, and accident and illness plans, are offered. Select a plan that offers your pet the coverage you require.

The deduction: The amount you must pay out-of-pocket before your insurance company begins to pay claims is known as the deductible. Select a plan where the deductible is something you can manage. The cost of the premiums The monthly or yearly payments you make for your pet insurance plan are known as the premiums. Select a plan that is within your budget.

Exclusions: Certain pet insurance policies do not cover pre-existing conditions, among other things. Prior to selecting a plan, make sure you thoroughly read the fine print.

Other choices for pet insurance

Otto Pet Insurance is no longer offered. However, you may want to look into the following other pet insurance providers:

  •  Embrace 
  • Trupanion 
  • Healthy Paws 
  • Pets Best
  • Figo
pet insurance

I can tell you the following regarding Otto Pet Insurance:

What they offered: Otto Care was a membership program with no exclusions, no deductibles, and coverage for both routine and unexpected veterinary care. There were three plan tiers available to members, each with varying degrees of coverage.

What set them apart: There were several ways in which Otto Care differed from conventional pet insurance. Initially, it was not an insurance policy; rather, it was a membership program. Instead of paying premiums and then submitting claims for reimbursement, members now had to pay a monthly fee to receive covered services. Secondly, Otto Care did not impose any exclusions, reimbursements, or deductibles. The reason for their closure was because Otto Pet Insurance was still a small business and could not compete with more established pet insurance companies. They also had difficulties selling to pet owners and informing them of their special membership plan.

Even if Otto Pet Insurance is no longer in operation, it is still important to recognize their creative approach to pet care. They demonstrated the need for more adaptable and reasonably priced pet insurance choices.

Otto Pet's distinct methodology:

Otto Care distinguished itself from standard pet insurance by offering fixed monthly payments with set annual coverage for any vet expense, including routine care, accidents, and illnesses, in place of deductibles, reimbursements, and exclusions.

Flexibility and customization: They offered three levels of coverage (Basic, Plus, and Pro), each with escalating amounts of coverage and extras like behavioral therapy and complementary therapies.

Emphasis on price and accessibility: Otto wanted to make pet care more affordable and accessible by offering clear pricing without any additional costs.

You might want to take into account the following additional pet insurance companies:

  • Embrace: With a variety of coverage options, Embrace is a well-known pet insurance
    company. Their customer service and claims handling are well-known.
  • Pets Best: Another reputable pet insurance company is Pets Best. To accommodate a
    range of needs and budgets, they provide a selection of plans.
  • Healthy Paws: Known for its extensive coverage and top-notch customer support, Healthy Paws is a highly regarded pet insurance company.
pet insurance
Otto Pet
  •  With its 2018 founding, Otto Pet sought to lower the cost and increase accessibility to pet care.
  • They had a membership program called Otto Care that covered both regular and unforeseen veterinary costs.
  • Otto Care was not your typical pet insurance because it had no exclusions, no reimbursements, and no deductibles. 
  • Members received a predetermined annual coverage amount, good for any vet bills, in exchange for a monthly charge.
  • Additionally, Otto Care provided special discounts on pet-related goods and services.
Otto Take Care of:

had three membership tiers: Basic, Plus, and Pro. 

  • The monthly charge and coverage amount varied for each tier.
  • Routine care, including as exams and vaccines, was covered by basic. 
  • Also included are accidents, sickness, and covered routine care. 
  • Pro included all of the benefits found in Basic and Plus, in addition to extras like behavioral treatment and complementary medicine.
otto take care

Otto Pet had the tough choice to close its doors in 2022. The business claimed its wish to concentrate on other endeavors and difficulties in the pet insurance sector. Up to the conclusion of their membership term, current Otto Care members could continue to utilize their plans.

Even though Otto Pet is no longer in business, its ground-breaking method of pet care has had a long-lasting influence on the sector. Their emphasis on accessibility, affordability, and flexibility keeps spurring other businesses to create innovative and better solutions to assist pet owners in giving their furry friends the best care possible.

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