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What Insurance Does Costco Optical Take?


Costco promises complete member pleasure. You can return prescription eyeglasses to your local Costco Warehouse’s Optical Department for a repair, replacement, or refund if they’re not up to standard for any reason. 

Indeed, in order to buy contacts or glasses at Costco Optical facilities, you must be a member. That being said, scheduling an appointment with our on-staff optometrist does not require membership. See our dedicated optical website here for additional details. Alternatively, find your neighborhood optical center at a Costco warehouse in your area.

 Visit the Independent Doctor of Optometry, which is situated in or close to the majority of Costco facilities, or bring in your current prescription today.

Can I give my membership card to someone else?

Although the Costco membership card cannot be transferred, there are a number of ways to introduce loved ones to the store. On each visit, everyone with a card is permitted to bring up to two guests into the Warehouse. Remember that only Costco members are able to make purchases. 

In a 2022 Consumer Reports study of over 11,000 members, Costco Optical was chosen the best site to get eyeglasses. According to financial analyst Clark Howard, “what you’re getting at Costco is a good price, and hopefully really good customer service.”

Although Costco Optical does not bill insurance directly, it does accept payment from the majority of major vision insurance programs following your purchase. In other words, you will pay upfront and then file a claim with your insurance company in hopes of getting reimbursed.

Recognizing Your Coverage

The nuances of your particular plan must be understood, even if your provider is a dancing
Costco owl. Important queries to consider are:

Frame allowance: What percentage of the frame cost is covered by your plan? How much, if at all? 

Lens allowance: Which kinds of lenses (progressive, bifocal, and single vision) are covered? What are the material and coating limitations?

 Exam coverage: Is the cost of an eye exam at Costco Optical in-house optometrist covered by your plan? Advice for a Smooth Cruise: Prior to Setting Out Equipped with understanding, you can gracefully negotiate the insurance-Costco dance. 

Here are some guidelines for pre-shopping: Take out your insurance card: It will speed up the verification procedure if you have it on hand. Speak with your supplier: Verify your coverage information again, and find out whether there are any out-of-network costs. 

Look around the web: See a preview of the products and prices available at Costco Optical. 

Make an appointment: This prevents perhaps lengthy wait periods and guarantees a specialized optician.

The Claims Process: The Grand Unveiling

The insurance drama comes to an end when you’ve paid the piper (Costco, in this example) and selected your glasses. This is the typical process for submitting a claim:

  1.  Assemble your invoices: Keep all of the documentation from your eye exam and purchase close to hand. Speak with your supplier; they will provide you instructions and claim papers. 
  2. Complete the following forms: Be precise and thorough, making sure to include all required codes and receipts. 
  3. Send in the assertion: Usually, you can complete this in person at your doctor’s office, by mail, or even online.
  4.  Await the decision: Take your time; processing times differ. A notification outlining the amount reimbursed (if any) will be sent to you.

Outside the Typical Suspects: Other Paths to Eye-economy

Although insurance might be a useful ally, there are other ways to get inexpensive glasses at Costco. Think about these other choices: 

  1. Costco membership discount: Compared to non-members, members often pay less for frames and lenses. 
  2. Promotional offers: Be on the lookout for exclusive offers and seasonal discounts. 
  3. Exam options: Costco’s in-house optometrists provide low pricing for exams in the event that your insurance does not cover them. 

When purchasing, examine costs from various stores and online sources rather than depending just on Costco.

Is it worthwhile to go on a vision quest with Costco Optical?

It is up to you to decide if Costco Optical is the best option for your unique situation. Weigh the
benefits and drawbacks:


  • Numerous approved insurance plans 
  •  competitive costs with savings for members
  •  Easy-to-use on-site optometry services
  •  superior lenses and frames


  •  Payment in advance is necessary.
  •  Not every plan provides comprehensive coverage.
  •  Potential out-of-network costs
  •  As of yet, no online insurance billing

Does Costco Optical Take Credit Cards?

Yes, Costco Optical usually takes the majority of major health insurance policies. The particular plans that they allow differ depending on the locale. Among the popular names are Avesis, VBA, VSP, and others. It’s crucial to remember that Costco insurance presently does not cover purchases of contact lenses and glasses made online.

Why is Costco Optical not accepting online insurance claims?

Although the precise cause is not known to the public, there are a few possible reasons:

 Difficulties with verification: Online transactions don’t allow for the in-person interactions required to confirm eligibility and insurance details. 

Fraud prevention: Online insurance acceptance may make false claims more likely. 

Logistics: It could be difficult and resource-intensive to integrate insurance verification with their web platform.

How to Find Out Whether Your Policy Is Accepted:

The simplest method for verifying coverage is to: 

Go to the optical section at your neighborhood Costco. They can ask your insurance company directly to verify the eligibility of your plan. 

Contact the Costco Optical department in your area. You can get information from them over the phone. 

Check out the app or website of your insurance company. They ought to offer a list of network providers who are involved.


Costco Optical still provides affordable rates on contacts and glasses, so even if your particular plan isn’t recognized, they’re still a good choice for people without insurance. Furthermore, there are independent optometrists at select Costco locations who might take your insurance. For those with vision insurance in particular, Costco Optical provides a practical and affordable alternative for eye care and eyewear. You can optimize your savings and make sure you get the greatest eye treatment by being aware of their insurance policies. For the most current and correct information, always make sure to verify with your insurance company and the Costco optical department in your area.

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